A satirical cocktail book featuring seventy-seven cocktail recipes accompanied by arcane trivia on Mennonite history, faith, and cultural practices.

At last, you think, a book of cocktails that pairs punny drinks with Mennonite history! Yes, cocktail enthusiast and author of the popular Drunken Mennonite blog Sherri Klassen is here to bring some Low German love to your bar cart. Drinks like Brandy Anabaptist, Migratarita, Thrift Store Sour, and Pimm’s Cape Dress are served up with arcane trivia on Mennonite history, faith, and cultural practices.

Arranged by theme, the book opens with drinks inspired by the Anabaptists of sixteenth-century Europe (Bloody Martyr, anyone?), before moving on to religious beliefs and practices (a little like going to a bar after class in Seminary, but without actually going to class). The third chapter toasts the Mennonite history of migration (Old Piña Colony), and the fourth is all about the trappings of Mennonite cultural identity (Singalong Sling).

With seventy-seven recipes, ripping satire, comical illustrations, a cocktails-to-mocktails chapter for the teetotallers, and instructions on scaling up for barn-raisings and funerals, it’s just the thing for the Mennonite, Menno-adjacent, or merely Menno-curious home mixologist.


October 13: Mennonite Heritage Club Online Event, St. Clair O’Connor Mennonite Centre, Toronto, ON (online event)

October 15: Downtown Books and Sound, Salinas, California (online event: https://fb.me/e/1aZMfvsKp)

October 16: Book Signing on the Beach, Toronto  https://fb.me/e/18D5ljkrm

November 12: S. L. Klassen & Andrew Unger: A (Virtual) Evening of Menno-Nightcaps, McNally Robinson, Winnipeg (online event – https://fb.me/e/1Qi5YLDDa)

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If you would like to sell Menno-Nightcaps in your bookshop, gift store, cocktail bar, or at the back of your Church among the money-changers, please contact curtis@touchwoodeditions.com.

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Reviews and Other Acts of Kindness from the Media and my Community of Readers and Drinkers


‘Menno-Nightcaps’ Is a (Hilarious, Edifying) Ode to Simple Pleasures: This mashup of cocktail recipes and history is that rarest of things: a recipe book you’ll want to actually read.

— Chris Michel, Country Living Magazine

…But Menno-Nightcaps is not just funny. It’s actually informative. Klassen has devised cocktails that delineate dozens of important moments or people throughout Mennonite history, and given each one a pithy introduction that is educational and fun. And she’s arranged the drinks in more or less chronological order so that if you read the book cover to cover, it acts as a series of tipsy history lessons.

Cover to cover is just how I’ve been reading it. When I first began to browse the recipes, I found myself so engrossed in the text I sat down to read it through, which is definitely not my typical approach to even the best cocktail books…


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It seems to me like there’s an amazing crop of Mennonite literature coming this fall. Some heavy hitters for sure. I’m certain there are others that I’m not aware of, but this is a good place to start with your fall 2021 Menno reading list. Look for these at your local independent book store in the coming weeks and months! Which book are you most looking forward to?…


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