You may already know both your Myers-Briggs Personality Type and your Enneagram number. You might already know which Harry Potter house you belong in.

You may also have already used this information not only to gaze most deeply into your own navel but also to judge and analyze your friends, family and third cousins.

But if you have no knowledge of your Mennonite Values Personality Type, all your personality type knowledge is but a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.


Because none of those personality quizzes will help you much if you were wondering what Mennonite cocktail to drink. And didn’t want to be guided by what the drink tastes like or whether or not it is rhubarb season.

Which is a travesty.

But I am here once again to help you out.

Here, you will find a quiz that will tell you which of the five major Mennonites values personality types best represents you. And then you can take that information over to the Cocktail Guide and let it help you choose a cocktail best suited to your particular Mennonite Values Personality Type.

You may wonder why there are only five Mennonite Values Personality Types when the Enneagram has 9 and the Myers-Brigg has 16.

It is not that Mennonites lack in personality diversity, as you might imagine.

No. It is simply that we train ourselves to suppress the aspects of our personality that do not fit within the Big “Menno Five” types.

That we have as many as five is actually extraordinary. It is well-known among Mennonites who have explored the Enneagram that despite there being 9 types, only 3 are permissible for Mennonites. Those of us who do not fit comfortably within those three just learn to pretend.

The five types are as follows: traditionalist, schismatic, activist, communitarian, and frugalist. We are all, of course, a mix of the different types and if you take the quiz and it says you are a traditionalist but in your heart of hearts, you know you are a schismatic personality, go ahead and choose a cocktail from that category.

Likewise, you  might find that some days you feel a bit more communitarian than others. That’s ok. You can go to a relief sale on Saturday and start  plotting a schism on Monday, while counting your pennies every day of the week.

If you take issue with the quiz — if you  think I have graded it all wrong or if you find yourself angrily wanting to say “none of the above,” whatever.  Grade yourself a schismatic and go off to make your own quiz.

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Choose Your Cocktail

It’s time for you to head on over to the Mennonite Cocktail Guide. If you don’t like any of the options suggested to you based on your Mennonite Values Personality Type, that’s ok.

There are other ways to decide what to drink.




    Raise a glass to the myriad personalities that you can meet at a Mennonite gathering. Or the five of them, anyway.


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