An introduction to my novel:

If you don’t already know, you ought to hear the story of Tina Friesen. Not her whole story, of course. How could it be? No one can tell another person’s whole story. It’s hard enough to tell one’s own.

But it’s a bit of her story, as it was told to me by a number of reliable sources. I’ve had to patch things together a bit but I think I’ve got the jist of it.

Like so many stories, Tina’s story, at this particular juncture of her life, was about wandering. She was lost, and tested and tempted for — well — for a few days. She might have died out there in the winter wilderness. But she didn’t.

That’s a bit of a spoiler. Her family and friends back home didn’t know she’d survive when this story began. So you have the advantage over them there. That’s because I’m the one telling the story and I already know how it ends.

It isn’t all happy. There’s a bit of silliness, a bit of sex, some death up close and personal, and a couple of awkward theological discussions.

Oh, and a dog. There’s a dog in the story, too, but he doesn’t come in for a good hundred pages or so.

That’s something to look forward to.

But, really. The dog isn’t that important.